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The Promise of an Ad Copy

TNT recently ran the promoted tweet of HawthoRNe on twitter. I’m not sure of the economics of the deal but I believe considering the clicks coke ad received on twitter, TNT must have spent a lot of dollars.

Out of my curiosity, I clicked on the promoted tweet (see below gallery) and was taken to the TNT page where I was shown a 15 sec promotion of Bose before the actual promotion of recap of Season 1 (as promised by the ad).  I clicked on the promoted tweet again thinking this time I would see the actual Season 1 recap but to my disappointment I saw the Nature Valley peanut ad.

—- Promoted Tweet Gallery —-

Click on each image to view

At first go, I thought this is a mistake which went against the common logic – No one would want to spend marketing dollars to get viewers on the site and then show them an ad and not the actual product. Unless of course Bose is giving TNT a lot more money for each playback than TNT is spending on getting users on the site. For the sake of argument, let’s assume TNT got more money for each playback as compared to the money spent to get X visitors (assuming some visitors would just leave the site before the ad is run) for each playback.

Revenue (each playback) > Cost (get X visitors for each playback)

This may work for TNT but then it’s a bad user experience. User intends to view the recap of Season 1 and not view a commercial which is not related to Season 1 in any way.

Essentially, the message in the ad has to relate to the landing page the user is taken on clicking the ad. If the ad copy and the landing page are not in sync, it may lead to lower conversions. In some cases, the ad copy and message are partially sync where the user has to perform certain actions on the landing page before arriving at the optimal page (as promised by the ad). In these cases as well, there may be lower conversions. Consider the following example.

I googled “book hotels in goa” and clicked on the Cleartrip ad (you may or may not see the ad if you google now) which promised to book hotels in goa with a 20% instant cash back promotion. If you look (see below gallery) closely at the ad copy, you would notice that the URL is shown as “” and the ad headline reads “Book Hotels in Goa”. Obviously, one would expect something similar to hotels in Goa on clicking the ad, but the landing page does not even mention Goa! It’s a generic promotion page (see below gallery) where the 20% cash back offer details are mentioned and place to search hotels. At the very least, the city text box on the landing page should have been pre-filled to connect with the ad copy.

—- Cleartrip Google Ad Gallery —-

Click on each image to view

Sometimes, it makes sense to translate and imagine the customer experience offline. Customer would go to a travel agency and ask for hotels in Goa. Agent would ask the dates, category of the hotel and any other preference (near to airport etc) the customer may have in mind. Appropriately, agent would then provide the options and also mention that currently there is 20% cash back on all hotels. Mapping online, it translates to goa hotels listing with option to narrow down hotels while mentioning the 20% cash back offer. In fact, Cleartrip has this page (see below) but it has chosen not to take users directly.

Cleartrip Goa Hotels Listing

Cleartrip Goa Hotels Listing

I would assume they have tried this option but are not getting higher conversions. What do you think?

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