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Why You Should Get a Mac?

I’ve been responsible for increasing productivity for many of my friends by convincing them to switch to Mac from PC. Every time I engage in an conversation, I find that there are so many misconceptions people have about Mac. As for me, I moved to Mac on 25th July 2009 after experiencing Mac on my HP laptop. It’s not perfectly legal to do so but I installed (hackintosh) to experience Mac. And being an iPhone owner really helped me appreciate Mac and it took me no time to get one of my own. Now, let’s get some things clear.

Myth # 1: It’s not easy to use

Perhaps, Mac is the easiest OS to use. The trackpad’s multi-touch interface makes it super easy to scroll documents and view photos. You can even pinch to zoom in and out.

Myth # 2: It’s not easy to switch from PC

Well, some things are easier to forget. You will be amazed how quickly you will forget PC after you switch to Mac. There is nothing to learn to use Mac. Just click on the icons on the dock to know about the various applications and settings. And yes, there’s even a right click on Mac! Still not convinced, know the basic difference between a PC and a Mac in this video.

Myth # 3: There are no applications for Mac

Most of the applications are out of the box. iLife (iPhoto, iMovie), iTunes, Safari, iChat for managing photos, music, browsing and chatting. You would not need to download any more software for normal usage. However, there are many applications designed for Mac. Not to mention, your favorite PC applications are always available on Mac. Heck, you can even run windows on Mac for those obscure PC only applications.

Myth # 4: There is not much support available

Trust me, you wouldn’t need one. In case you need, Apple’s award winning support is just a phone call away. I bought my Macbook Pro from US and had upgraded the RAM to 4GB. But unfortunately, the technician somehow missed upgrading the RAM (yeah, that was strange! Do check before leaving the store!) and I got to know only when I was in India. I called support and they shipped the RAM from Singapore to India within 3 days!

Myth # 5: It’s expensive

Sure, you can get an out of date windows laptop for $150. And a decent one would cost around $500. But, the direct costs of an anti-virus, firewall etc would add to your total cost. Not to forget, the opportunity cost when after a month, the PC will become too slow to boot and becomes really sluggish on opening multiple applications. Trust me, that’s one of the reason, Soluto won the recent TechCrunch Disrupt award. And their tagline says it all – “Anti-Frustration Software”.

Still with me? Now, here are top 4 reasons for you to get a Mac.

# 1: No hang

At some point of time in our lives, we have been victims of the blue death screen. However, by owning the complete user experience (hardware and software), Apple has been able to build one of the most efficient laptop. Of course, there are applications that sometime hang but that’s nothing to do with OS.

# 2: No virus

You won’t need an anti-virus and need not worry every about using your friend’s USB drive.

# 3: Extended Battery Life

Macbook has one of the best batteries. Mine lasts about 4.5 hours on full charge even after 10 months of usage.

# 4: Small Details Matter

From backlit keyboard to magsafe power port to unibody enclosure to spotlight to Expose, all are designed keeping YOU in mind.

The above is just an indicative list to help you explore Mac. There are many other things which you will appreciate as you experience Mac. And if you have any further questions, do let me know in comments. I would be more than happy to assist you in your transformational journey from PC to Mac!

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